Tattoo after care instructions

  1. Keep bandage on for at least an 1 Hour.
  2. Take off bandage (if it is sticking to the tattoo wet bandage first then remove).
  3. Take a warm shower, washing the tattoo with your Hand and mild soap (do not use any washcloths or scrubbers).Dry off your tattoo by patting it dry with a clean towel (do not rub at it). This is how you will wash and dry your tattoo for the entire healing process.
  4. Let set for a day, and then start using Fragrance, oil free lotion. (i.e. Lubriderm, Curel etc) (Do not use Vaseline!!!) Apply a thin layer at least 2 to 3 times a day or when itchy until healed.
  5. Keep your tattoo clean and use lotion

Things to avoid during healing (for at least 2 weeks)

  • Direct sunlight Do not pick at your tattoo (such as the scabs)
  • Swimming pools Do not scratch your tattoo (when itchy)
  • The beach
  • Spas or Saunas

Cleaning instructions for your new Piercing(external piercings)

  • Gently clean with anti-microbial soap as instructed below:
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the pierced surface for ANY reason.
  • H2Ocean should be used at least 2 to 3 times daily. Simply take cotton swabs and saturate the ends. Gently clean the pierced area to break up any wet, dried, or loose build up around the jewelry. A brief rinse will remove any other residue.
  • Soap should be used no more than twice a day, preferable at the beginning of the day and about 4hrs. before going to sleep. While in the shower lather up a pearl-size amount of anti-bacterial soap (with NO perfumes, or moisturizers, your soft and sweet enough already.) apply to the jewelry and work through the piercing for no more than half a minute. Gently rinse thoroughly to clear all soapy residue and dry using preferably fresh gauze or clean cotton swab.
  • DRY completely, using a disposable paper product, gauze, or cotton swab. Remember your new piercing is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria so avoid the following: no swimming in fresh or seawater and avoid moisturizers in the pierced area. Improper care could leave you open to infections.
  • DO NOT USE: Hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin, alcohol, or any other home remedys; ONLY USE H2Ocean AND AND ANTI_BACTERIAL SOAP!! If you have any problems ask a professional!

Cleaning instructions for Oral (mouth) piercings

  • Rinse mouth 4-5 times daily, before bed, and after any meals. Use Crest Pro-Health alcohol free mouthwash as directed. For tongue piercings use caution over cleaning can cause irritation, swelling, and discoloration Possibly OCD.

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